Today I am $5222.79 poorer than yesterday

When I got back from my trip to Vietnam in the beginning, I went through my pile of mails and saw nothing but bills. However they were bills I expected except for one.  As I opened that mail, I felt sad and disappointed to learn that it was my first bill for my college loan. It is the only loan I had for all 4 years that I went to college. It’s pretty good I’d say. However, I do regret that $2600 that I could have saved. Anyway, my first bill was due on February 1 and I went  ahead and made a full pay-off in total of $5222.79 yesterday. I contributed exactly $22.79 toward interest. I felt lighter because one of my burdens has lifted from my shoulder but also felt poorer when I went online to transfer enough money from my savings to my checking account so that I wouldn’t incur any over draft. Now that is out of the way, I need to get back into finishing what I was doing before I got a job that consumed and messed up everything else in my life.