10 months

How does one started to write again after years of not touching their blog? So much have happened since then. Not sure why i wanted to write again. Probably because i grew tired of sharing my life over social media ie. facebook where most of the audiences are friends and families and sometimes i just want to jot down some thoughts that i do not necessary want to share with those audiences. This blog gives me a bit more privacy and ambiguousness I guess. My words are rusty and incompassionate. I have to concentrate really hard to even put my thoughts into words. I kept typing away and hitting the back space button to delete then typed again and then deleted some more. Don’t even get me started on the grammar. So i will write. My goal is to write at least one a week. I need to write for me. I need to.

What to write when you’re a working mom of two kids? I guess you don’t even have to guess. I should be asleep right now. It’s 1am and i have to work in the morning but i just finished dream feeding my daughter earlier hoping that she would sleep a longer stretch tonight. She’s been waking up to nurse a lot. Not sure if it’s because she’s really hungry or if she sucks for comfort only. Either way i need to start weaning her feedings at night. She turned 10 months old yesterday and i need my sleep back. It’s probably way easier had i started this when she was younger but i was too lazy to put it bluntly. I never was able to breastfeed my son this long before and it’s just easier to nurse her at night while both of us still somewhat sleeping. The thought of getting up to make a bottle is too tiresome. Anyway i was able to feed her 2 oz of formula while she was sleeping earlier. She did cry in the beginning and i had to put her on the breast before successfully sneaked the bottle in afterward. This is a good start as it was the first bottle she took at night since birth.  Let see how she does tonight.

So she turned 10 months old and she’s suddenly absorbing so much. She now knows to blow kiss and do ugly face but still get them mixed up sometimes. She started to stand up without holding on to anything. On Friday my dad taught her to ạ when was called upon and today she repeated the word ông immediately after we said it to her for the first time. My baby is growing up so fast. Her first two bottom teeth finally cut through about two weeks ago. She’s late in the teeth department but that didn’t stop her from eating anything and everything in sight. This girl loves to eat more than drinking milk. When i started her on solids she basically can eat un-mashed porridge from the get go. I fed her rice and egg from my bowl the other day and she was eating like a champ.

Okay i better go to sleep before she wakes up for another feeding.

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Cập nhật

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